3 Tips for Creating Dating Profiles

by Angel  Hughes
3 Tips for Creating Dating Profiles

When looking for love online, creating an excellent profile is key. Of course, you will need photos that may you look your best, but those who are looking for real relationships go beyond a handsome face. A generic profile won’t say much as people are seeking to connect with personality.

Imagine your ideal partner, how will they recognize you as their perfect match and make you stand out from the rest?

Check out these three tips for creating dating profiles and attack the right people online.

Tip #1 Give a snapshot or your personality


– Your profile should start with a brief description of your positive traits and characteristics. Are you funny? Affectionate? Intellectual? Choose four adjectives to describe your personality.

Be sure to include what you care about. Don’t use your online dating profile as a job resume. You can mention you love your job, but don’t make it the unique feature about you. Got a favorite hobby? Is there a new language you’ve learned and wanted to test your skills? The right person will think that’s awesome.

Tip #2 Determine who you want to meet


– Be sure to say who you want to meet in your profile. This doesn’t mean you should get into specifics such as a “blonde hair, blue-eyed bombshell.” Instead, focus on the character and values. This will attract people who share the same intentions in common. Focusing on the characteristics will cause you to look superficial and overly picky – which are not attractive qualities.

Tip #3 Show, don’t talk


What we mean is, when you are writing about who you show the reader what that looks like in action. Many users often say the love to travel. Show pictures of your traveling and enjoying life. Talk about your favorite destinations and even your dream vacation.

When you focus on the positive traits rather than the negative, you will attract the right people. While you can’t avoid being contacts by some, you rather not date, enjoy the experience that may someday lead you to your partner.