Easy Ways to Follow Up After the First Date

by Angel  Hughes
Easy Ways to Follow Up After the First Date

Perhaps you’ve made it through your first date and enjoyed the time you two shared. While the first date a cowboy was a success, how you make plans for the second date? One of the biggest challenges in dating is to build up a potential relationship by doing the wrong thing or waiting too long to follow up.
Here are three ways to keep up after the first date.

1. Have Her Text You After the Date


This is the ultimately game changer in dating. For many of us, we often get caught up in who should text first, when, and what to even say. Many times we think that if they text too soon, they might be desperate or clingy. However, if they don’t text, they may not seem interested.

To help prevent this situation, ask her to send you a text to make sure she gets home safely. Not only will this decent favor break the ice, but it will also provide a great excuse to respond right away. Just make sure to return as well.

2. Follow Up Within 24 Hours


In a world of endless choices, online dating is including in most people’s dating lifestyles. You have to assume that other candidates are trying to win their affection. Waiting too long to follow up will give her the thoughts of considering other potentials who are also trying to get her attention.

Follow up within the next 24 hours. Otherwise, it will indicate that you aren’t serious and she will find other possible partners to spend her precious time on.

3. Give Her a Call



Experts say that most people tend to stop calling each other due to the convenience of text messaging. In reality, there is no real excuse to not calling as this can be a subtle way to stand out from the rest.

Instead of laughing through text, go ahead and enjoy the chat over the phone. If she doesn’t answer, leave a voicemail and let her know how much of a very good time you had. If she’s interested, you can use that platform to communicate with her.

Have you followed these methods? Tell us what works well for you!