How to Enjoy a Singles Event

by Angel  Hughes
How to Enjoy a Singles Event

Singles event are an excellent opportunity to meet someone new. The good news is that there are plenty of events to check out. In fact, most dating sites, charities, groups, and other social clubs are keen on hosting these kinds of gatherings for singles who are ready to mingle.

Here’s how to enjoy a singles event and even lead you to meet your significant other.

1. Go with a friend


While the event is dedicated to finding partners, that doesn’t mean you should arrive alone. Have a friend tag along can make the night more enjoyable. This may even help you to feel more confident and outgoing. A wingman will help you get a boost of self-assurance and build up the courage to strike up conversations.

2. Relax on the Alcohol


Alcohol seems to be the main ingredient including at singles events. In fact, many even offer an open bar to gain more attendees. While the bar may help keep the conversations going, don’t let it cause you to miss out on the night and end up becoming a sloppy drunk. Doing so will cause you to reduce your chances of meeting someone when you’re completely wasted.

3. Be aware of your location


While attending a singles event can be enjoyable, be sure to change up the scenery and meet as many new people as possible. It may be tempting to stay in one scene but remember to keep moving and introduce yourself.

4. Pay attention to body language


A huge percentage is communication is nonverbal. If you’re planning on making a great impression, expand your nonverbal vocabulary by following good manners. Uncross your arms to prevent the appearance of looking bored or annoyed. Smile. Keep off of the phone. No one will want to “disturb” someone who rather stare at their phone.

A singles event is often based on a theme or topic where a dress code is suggested. Take this time to enjoy and participate. People will admire your creative side and even want to talk to you. Don’t be afraid to enjoy the event and make an effort.